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Welcome & Thank You for (re) visiting our Blogspot, It's Great to have you on our blog today, On this Blog you can discover some of the Nature Photography Designs from our
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Drinkware Products Coffee Mug
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Friendship Coffee Postcard by EdelhertDesignStudio
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Hello, my name is HP van Duuren
With this blog and the other special theme blogs I'd like to give you Happy Lifestyle ideas, - tips, Info about Interesting --- Specially Designed Products --- from the Edelhert Design Studio, Interesting articles, practical resources and helpful e-reports, I have discovered for you. I look forward to inspire you!

When I started these blogs I was so enthousiastic that after some years it now needs some re-organizing. I am starting with this Happy BlogSpot, and will continue with the Digital Camera-ideas Blog, WRITING Blog, TRAVEL Blog and so on. In the left Side Bar you can see the blogs. I keep you informed.

End of August 2015 I started a Design Studio & Online Store at Zazzle, together with my Sister. On Zazzle we deliver:

              Colorful Graphic
Nature Photography & Designs

When you buy products at Zazzle, they will keep you informed about the Products, Discounts and Special Offers.

On my blogs you can read about some of the 'Behind the Scene-info' about our designs, you can get at Zazzle.

On every blog you can write your Comments on the Blog Posts. You can even Reply on Comments from other readers and join some of the online conversations. I look forward to see your Comments & Replies soon!

Have a nice day.

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